Insulin is a hormone that regulates the levels of sugar in your blood and is usually lowest in the morning as it would have been at least 8 hours after your last meal… Unless you’re a teen enjoying a midnight feast of course.
Insulin sensitivity is so important when it comes to changing your body… Putting on muscle and fat loss.
If you’re insulin resistant you’re much more likely to be storing food as fat.
Insulin is sensitive to both carbohydrates and protein but not fat.
The reason all this happens is purely down to survival. Your body couldn’t give a monkeys accordion about your desire for a washboard stomach , it just wants to protect you.

The liver can hold approximately 80-100g of carbohydrates and your muscle can only hold 1-2% of carbohydrates by volume, known as glycogen. So the more muscle you have the more you can store. On average you are looking at 177-250g the average woman should stick around the 177 mark.

The 1st rule of insulin is know your GI (Glycemic Index) this refers to how quickly the carbs in the food end up as glucose in your blood stream. you have high and low GI and you want to look for foods that are low GI keeping your insulin levels more consistent… Save the high GI for post workouts.

So instead of constant carb intake for energy, start to think about good fats as an amazingly powerful fuel source but more on that another day folks.