Quite a mouthful i know, hence the abbreviation #EPOC.

When you hop on the #treadmill, #bike etc and perform your 30- 45 minutes of steady state cardio #training you are looking to be burning 300-400 #calories… That’s if you believe what the machine is telling you.

Now 15-20 minutes of #HIIT/ Tabata training will burn 250-300 calories, so why is it possible that you’ll end up burning more calories on the latter? Well burning calories during the workout is only part of the big picture. Post work out is when EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Consumption) aka the afterburn effect (must be said with an American accent) comes into play.

This is a process of increased oxygen intake to correct the body’s oxygen dept post training. The more INTENSE the workout the greater the oxygen dept will be.

Getting your body back to a state of homeostasis means it will use energy to do this. A lot of this energy will come from fatty acids. Your body will break down #fat stores , to release fatty acids into your blood stream.
The fatty acids are carried to your cells where they provide the energy that your body needs to get your body back to its resting state.
So after a correctly done HIIT/ Tabata training session the EPOC effect can still be happening up to 38 hours after. Yep you’ve got it, fat to fuel for up to 38 hours after your “correctly” performed training session.